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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dwell Studio Crib Bedding

Dwell Crib Bedding is absolutely gorgeous! The patterns that this bedding come in, are very stylish, very modern and its the piece that you will build your whole nursery around! Our mommies loved that the set included a blanket, crib skirt, fitted sheet and bumper pad, and believed that the quality of each piece was fantastic. The thought the bumper pads fit extremely well on the crib and loved how long the tabs were for tying the bumper onto the crib. They loved how well every piece co-ordinates with each other, and they thought the material for each was very soft and very comfortable for their little ones to lie on. The bumper pad and blanket are both reversible, so you can get 2 looks for the price of one. You are also able to purchase separate fitted sheets, so you can mix and match with your Dwell bedding set! Dwell crib Bedding can also be washed and dried, which is exactly what you need for babies bedding. Overall, this bedding is fabulous and you can purchase yours at our on-line store


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