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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Svan Bouncer

What a gorgeous looking bouncer! If you want a product that is not babyish looking, but rather modern and stylish, then the Svan bouncer is the one for you! Our mommies loved the look of this bouncer when they first saw it, they couldn’t get over that it looked like it could be a piece of furniture rather than just another baby item in their house. They loved how easy it was to bounce, and their babies seemed to fall asleep easily or keep calm in it watching their surroundings. Our mommies raved about the recline option on the Svan Bouncer. It lies almost completely flat and does so with ease, which is ideal when baby falls asleep in it. They also loved the canopy on this bouncer. It was large enough that it protected baby from the sun while outside. It is also light enough and portable so the Svan Bouncer can go anywhere you do. If you would like to purchase your very own Svan Bouncer, visit for a retailer near you.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mutsy Spider

We were very lucky to be able to test the Mutsy Spider stroller. Our mommy testers loved the look of this stroller, very modern looking! They loved the adjustable handle bar and how easy it was to steer. Oh and let me tell you how compact this baby folds. We think it must be one of the smallest strollers when folded, it could even fit in your pocket.....ok well maybe not but you get the idea! If space is an issue for you, this stroller might be the one for you. The way it opens and closes is super easy and genius! The five point harness was very easy to use, which is essential when dealing with a squiggly baby/toddler. Wondering where you can purchase your Mutsy Spider stroller? Visit a Toronto based boutique, but on-line as well!

Hatch Maternity

Hatch maternity is a Canadian owned business, gotta love it! Our mommies thought this maternity line was fab! They loved the pieces we were so fortunate to test. They all agreed how well each garment was made. The fit of Hatch Maternity`s clothing is amazing, and all of the materials they use are lovely! Our mommies loved the feel of each piece and commented on how comfortable they felt when they wore Hatch Maternity. When a woman becomes pregnant she worries right away about how she is going to look as her body changes and can feel frumpy in some other brands of maternity clothing, but not with Hatch. They will feel and look great, the styles are amazing and their new spring line is to die for. If you are pregnant visit and you won`t be able to resist purchasing several pieces from this line.

Baby Planet Endangered Species Stroller

The Endangered Species Baby Planet Stroller just missed out on the Top 20 Baby Splurge List. This stroller was loved by all our mommies for so many reasons. Firstly they all noted how great it was that the company was an eco-responsible company, a huge plus! Our mommies all agreed how easy this stroller was to use! It was easy to steer, easy to open and close and easy to recline, gotta love all this in an umbrella stroller J Another feature about the Baby Planet stroller our mommies really loved was the pouch at the back of the canopy to put keys, wallet, and any other little items, it made it really convenient when out with baby! Speaking of the canopy, it is a really good size and covers baby from the elements rather well. Our mommies too felt that the price for this stroller was very reasonable and would purchase it themselves. If you would like to purchase your own Baby Planet Endangered Species Stroller visit to find a retailer near you!

Dr. Browns Bottle Brush

Dr. Brown`s Bottle Brushes ( went over really well with our mommy group. They all loved the combination of the brushes sponge and bristles and how well it cleaned. They loved the suction cup at the bottom of the brush, so it wasn`t lying in the sink or on the counter. Our mommies thought that the brushes were very well designed and constructed and loved how flexible their Dr. Brown`s Bottle Brushes were. They are priced very reasonably as well, an added bonus! Purchase your Dr. Brown`s Bottle Brush at Babies R Us

Dr. Brown's BPA free Plastic and Glass bottles!

Dr. Brown`s bottles ( were really well received with our bunch of mommies. They loved the quality of both the BPA Free plastic and glass bottles. They thought that the 2 piece vent system was fab and although it takes a little longer to clean with the extra pieces, our mommies thought it was more than worth it (and they thought it was great the Handicraft includes a cleaning brush for the vent). It helps to reduce colic, gas, spit up and provides similar feeding as breastfeeding because of the vent system and what mommy wouldn`t be happy about that! The fact that older children are able to hold these bottles because of their narrow shape, went over very well with our mini-testers! Dr. Brown`s has amazing products and Dr. Brown`s bottles are no exception! You can buy your Dr. Brown`s Bottles from Babies r Us.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bumkins Sleeved Bibs

Our mommies that these bibs were great for messy babies/toddlers. They fit from 6 months to 2 years+. Our mommies loved the fact that they repel liquid, they are not easily removed by tiny hands and they really liked the cath all pocket. Our mommies really liked how easy the bib was to wipe down after every meal and that it is made out of Bumkins' proprietary waterproof fabric and therefore it is stain and odor resistant, gotta love that! Bumkins sleeved bibs come in the cutest patterns and has elastics at the wrists to make sure clothing sleeves stay unscathed :) The quality of Bumkins Sleeved bibs is fabulous, you will not regret buying a few of these to keep near your messy toddler! Purchase these bibs at Toys R us.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Product Review: Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Sized Cloth Diapers

Our mommies are environmentally conscious, and each of them was on board to test cloth diapers even if they hadn’t previously thought of using them before. Any brand of cloth diaper you use is so much better for the environment, for your baby and for your wallet and Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Sized Diapers are one of the best. If you are looking for a cloth diaper that is not bulky, then Fuzzi Bunz are the perfect choice for you. Our mommies loved the trim fit of these diapers stating that they are similar to disposables; however they won’t last in a landfill for over 500 years! Most babies only require 2 sizes in Fuzzi Bunz Sized Diapers during the diapering years, size small and medium. The inserts are easy to put in this pocket diaper and come out easily in the wash, which elevates the need of touching the inside of the dirty diaper before laundering. Fuzzi Bunz are really well designed and the quality is superior. You will be able to pass these cloth diapers onto each of your babies, saving you thousands of dollars over disposables. You can purchase your Perfect Sized Fuzzi Bunz at Coco Baby Boutique,

Product Review: Kleen Kanteen

Our mommies really liked their Kleen Kanteens. They loved the fact that they are free of harmful chemicals such as BPA, which is can be found in plastic bottles and sippies. Because they are made out of 18/8, food-grade Stainless Steel, you never have to worry about checking the inside of these bottles for cracks or peeling of plastic liners that Aluminum bottles contain. Our mommies loved the bright colours that the Kleen Kanteens come in and that it keeps little ones drinks cooler for longer up to 24 hours. Kleen Kanteens are compatible with the Avent sippy spout, and you can also get a Sports Cap for their Kleen Kanteen when your toddler outgrows the sippy spout! Kleen Kanteens come in 12oz, 18oz and 27oz sizes, so you can get one for your whole family. You can purchase Kleen Kanteens here at Coco Baby Boutique in the 12oz and 18oz sizes and we also carry the Advent Sippy Spouts and Sports Caps.

Product Reviews

Hello All,

Over the next few weeks we will be posting product reviews from our testing round we just completed for the Top 20 lists. These reviews are of products that didn't quite make a Top 20 list but that are still worthy of a little time in the spotlight! Some of these products can be purchased at Coco Baby and we will let you know in the reviews of where you can purchase a product if we do not carry them.

Happy reading! We hope the Top 20's along with these reviews will help you choose the best products out there! If you have any questions about any product please do not hesitate to contact us at

Nicole and Heather

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sending your child off to daycare or maybe even nursery school? Well take a look at These great outfits include a long sleeved shirt, short sleeved shirt and bottoms (for infants) and a short sleeve shirt and bottoms for toddlers. The outfit comes in a fantastic tote bag, which is a great way to send clothes with your child or to put in your diaper bag, no longer do you have to be digging to make sure that they have a complete outfit. The tote is the perfect place to put dirty clothes as well! You can purchase your babysparewear at now on sale!!

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