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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kemby Diaper Bag

When researching we are continuously coming across new and fantastic products. Well, when we were preparing for Peek-a-Boo Baby Planners current round of testing we came across the Kemby Sidekick! Is it a bag? Is it a baby carrier? No, it’s both!
This ingenious product, looks like a diaper bag but the outer flap actually stores the carrier. In a few short steps your diaper bag converts to a carrier as well! Now we knew this was something our mommy testers had to try......and what was the verdict??? They all LOVED it! This diaper bag/carrier is so fabulous we just had to carry it at Coco Baby Boutique! We are one of only a select few in Canada to carry this awesome


Nicole and Heather

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  1. Just wanted to know if this gets heavy on the shoulder/back carrying everything.


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