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Monday, July 27, 2009


Medibuddy's are the best compact First Aid Kit out there. They are so light weight, just throw one in your diaper bag, in the car, or in the stroller, you won't even notice it is there. Our mommy testers absolutely loved their Medibuddy's and we can barely keep them in stock.

What do you get inside a Medibuddy you ask??, well let us tell you.....each Medibuddy includes the following,

(15) 3/4 “ X 3” Red, Blue & Yellow Crayon Bandages
(1) 3” Knee & Elbow Bandage
(1) Sting Relief Pad
(4) 2” X 2” Gauze Pads (2 Two Packs)
(3) 5” X 8” Antiseptic Wipes (sting free)
(1) Burn Relief Cream
(2) Antibiotic Ointments
(12) Kid Friendly Fun Stickers,
(1) Carry Anywhere Case

You can purchase your Medibuddy from Coco Baby Boutique in one of these fabulous colours, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue or Red.


Nicole and Heather

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