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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hatch Maternity

Hatch maternity is a Canadian owned business, gotta love it! Our mommies thought this maternity line was fab! They loved the pieces we were so fortunate to test. They all agreed how well each garment was made. The fit of Hatch Maternity`s clothing is amazing, and all of the materials they use are lovely! Our mommies loved the feel of each piece and commented on how comfortable they felt when they wore Hatch Maternity. When a woman becomes pregnant she worries right away about how she is going to look as her body changes and can feel frumpy in some other brands of maternity clothing, but not with Hatch. They will feel and look great, the styles are amazing and their new spring line is to die for. If you are pregnant visit and you won`t be able to resist purchasing several pieces from this line.

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