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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dr. Brown's BPA free Plastic and Glass bottles!

Dr. Brown`s bottles ( were really well received with our bunch of mommies. They loved the quality of both the BPA Free plastic and glass bottles. They thought that the 2 piece vent system was fab and although it takes a little longer to clean with the extra pieces, our mommies thought it was more than worth it (and they thought it was great the Handicraft includes a cleaning brush for the vent). It helps to reduce colic, gas, spit up and provides similar feeding as breastfeeding because of the vent system and what mommy wouldn`t be happy about that! The fact that older children are able to hold these bottles because of their narrow shape, went over very well with our mini-testers! Dr. Brown`s has amazing products and Dr. Brown`s bottles are no exception! You can buy your Dr. Brown`s Bottles from Babies r Us.

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